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books by Richard  Wormser

The Rise and Fall of Jim Crow (2003)St. Martin's Press
The companion Book to the PBS series The Rise and Fall of Jim Crow that tells the story of the African American Struggle for freedom in the South during the era of segregation 1865-1954.
To A Young Filmmaker (2001)Grolier
Interviews with a number of feature and documentary filmmakers explaining how and why they became involved in filmmaking. (Young Adult)
Defense Lawyers (2000)Grolier
Six lawyers discuss their efforts to represent those charged with crimes ranging from murder to treason. (Y/A)
Islam in America (1999)Walker
A look at the lives of Muslim teenagers who come from Middle Eastern and African American families as they try to steer their way through their teenage years in the United States. (Y/A)
History of Childhood (1995)Walker
A survey of a variety of childhood experiences in America from colonial days up until the present. (Y/A)
Wandering in America: Hoboes and Tramps 1870-1940 (1994)Walker
The story of American hoboes seen not as romantic figures that rode the rails to avoid work, but as a migratory labor force riding trains in constant search of work. (Y/A)
Growing Up in the Great Depression (1994)Athenaeum
The story of five different men and women who came from different backgrounds but who had the common experience of watching their families struggle in the Great Depression.
The Iron Horse: How Railroads Changed America (1994)Walker
A social history of the building of the railroad and how it changed the face of America, for better and for worse. (Y/A)
Three Faces of Vietnam (1993)Franklin Watts
The Vietnamese war as seen from the perspective of a woman who fought for the Vietcong, an American soldier and anti-war demonstrators. (Y/A)
Juveniles In Trouble (1992)Simon & Schuster
The story of young men and women who have gotten in trouble with the law or run away from home, some of whom eventually wind up on death row. (Y/A)
Lifers: Learn the Truth at the Expense of Our Sorrow (1991)Simon & Schuster
A look at a maximum-security prison from the point of view of men inside serving life terms for murder. (Y/A)
Allan Pinkerton: America's First Private Eye (1990)Walker
The story of America’s first private detective and how he revolutionized police investigations as a result of his innovative techniques. (Y/A)